Our projects vary from real community spaces to responsible data platforms.

They all share a focus on regenerative business practices and common ownership.


CosyAI is an initiative to create a safe approach to AI based on a mindset of cooperating sincerely.
You can now sign up as a founding partner.


Cosyland is a platform that supports people, communities, and organizations in developing and unfolding their potential for sincere cooperation.


Bobooki is an online bookshop that supports writers and communities with ways for making additional income.
We are currently looking for new Co-founders.

Circles Marketplace

Circles is a project that enables universal basic income within communities.
We help building the very first digital Marketplace where you can actually spend your Circles currency.

The CoopSpace

The CoopSpace is a self-organized co-working space in Berlin for cooperatives, social businesses, NGOs und freelancers.


BerlinzuDir is an online-marketplace for local shops in Berlin, featuring community pick-up-points and sustainable delivery by cargo bike.

We are currently looking for a new Co-founder.


DeCiLo (Decentralized City Logistics) is a platform that coordinates routing and storage data for a diversity of delivery services, carriers and fulfillment providers in order to achieve efficient and sustainable last-mile-logistics.


TealRock is our newest and craziest project. It’s about building a new Blackrock (currently the world’s largest asset manager) but with the goal of channeling resources into truly purpose-driven companies. So far, there’s just a draft white paper. Comments & contributions welcome.