Your Own Generative AI

We now start offering customized AI solutions for SMEs, cooperatives, and NGOs to support your specific organizational needs and processes.

Generative AI has enormous potential for increasing efficiency of basically all processes in a company or organization. Benefiting from this should not be left just to the big corporations that can afford their own in-house AI experts.

We use the freshly released open source LLAMA 2 model and other open source tools to create specialized AI assistants at affordable costs. By programming these models with specific data and instructions, we can make them much more valuable for your company or organization, than simply using general applications like ChatGPT. At the same time, setting up your own AI-assistant gives you full access control.

Depending on your needs for data protection, you can opt for a local installation, which will be exclusively accessible through your own intranet and dedicated devices.

We help you from the start with identifying potential use cases in your organization, based on an assessment of your specific needs and available data. No technical knowledge about AI required.

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